Sales Tax Preparation

Sales tax Preparation services for your business.

Businesses are required by law to collect sales tax from the end user and remit sales taxes periodically to the state Department of Revenue.   However, preparing recurring sales tax returns and payments is a time-consuming, budget-draining and error-prone activity.   It is an obligation that consumes limited in-house business resources and is fraught with problems for non-compliance.   Very few things will get a small business in trouble faster than failing to collect and remit customer sales taxes correctly.  It is not difficult to make reporting errors, miss a filing deadline or fail to pay altogether.

The difference in Jason Smith and other CPA’s is that when I call their office I can speak directly to Jason; he often answers the phone.  We have been clients of this firm for many years, and they are always happy to help us. We can trust their opinion; they have never let us down.  They are always willing to go above and beyond with any situation that comes up with our personal or business needs. We absolutely would recommend Jason and his team for any of your accounting needs big or small.


Kristie S. Reece

Jason A. Smith, CPA will produce a customized sales tax service process that will meet the specific needs of your business, small or large, within any industry, that can be delivered at a reasonable cost.  We will review your transactions each month, determine your liability and prepare your sales tax return, accurately and on time.  We’ll let you know how much you need to pay, and once you have approved, we will file your return and remit your payment for you electronically.  If prior sales tax returns have been filed incorrectly, we can contact the Department of Revenue to begin a process to help get your business back on track.

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